Please continue to join HLR in prayer every day at 10 am.

Clontz family… they have called hospice.

Elaine Clontz

Keith Wells family

Charlie Haynes family

J. Moretz 

Ireland Family

Bauguess family

Ta Welborn

Debbie Ireland Family

K. Billings and family


Kandi Darnell

Shaw family

JJ Cox family

Carton family

James Penny

David Redmond

The Billings Family



Keith Hanson

Aushan Conley


David Cook

Enshae Conley

Stevie Blankenship

Lil John

Bill Ingram

John Barnette

Glenn family

Angela MD

Susan B

Coles family





All of those suffering 

God's grace and mercy for our Nation

and... You, our HLR family


Horsemen Ministries would love the chance to pray for your needs. Please send your prayer request to  Also by posting here our prayer warriors that pray for us will be able to pray for your needs also. You don't have to put your real name just the city and state you live in. God knows who you are.

William Taylor

Family of Sylvia Robinson

Stephen Blankenship

Hubert Billings

Our Country