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Joe Loggins family

The World

Lee Cockerham

Milton Cockerham

Curtis Farmer

Stevie Blankenship

Hubert Billings

The family Elsie Church (Mark's mother)

Brent Moore

the family of Mark McRacken

Sylvia Robinson

the family of Mark Kilby

Hubert Billings

Elsie Church

Richard Watkins

Billy Coles

Mr. Henry

Lindsay Bivins 

Dalton Lowe

Joe Sheek Family and friends 

Daughtery Family and friends

Waugh Family



North Carolina

Bobby Hauser

Families in Ohio

Tathel Miller

Billy Coles

Sylvia Robinson

Katie Blankenship

Bullard family, friends, coworkers

Hunter Brown family

Allison family

Harris family

Waugh family

Bertha Fall family

Stevie Blankenship

Hubert Billings

Elise Church

God's grace and mercy for our Nation

and... You, our HLR family


Horsemen Ministries would love the chance to pray for your needs. Please send your prayer request to  Also by posting here our prayer warriors that pray for us will be able to pray for your needs also. You don't have to put your real name just the city and state you live in. God knows who you are.

William Taylor

Family of Sylvia Robinson

Stephen Blankenship

Hubert Billings

Our Country